We get inspired…


we respect…


we feel…


we love…


we bottle…


…our soul.

Some people devote their lives to wine…

Their time, makes it timeless. Their labor, makes it perfect. Their land, makes it special. Their taste, makes it unrivaled.

Here at SIMEONIDIS Estate, we devote our time, our labor, our taste for you to enjoy unrivaled wine experience.

Simeonidis Polichronis
General Manager


Our Wines

Drawing strength from the zest we foster for premium wine, we present our customers with something beautiful and chosen every year. Faithful followers of the traditional vinification and with a great sense of responsibility and earnestness, we produce our wines, so that our customers can recognize the exceptional quality of our products.

Explore our wide collection of wines.

Our Wins

Our company takes part in internationally recognized Wine Competitions every year. Our participation in these Competitions aims at peoples tasting the wines we produce according to international standards. In many International Competitions that our wines took part, they have been awarded.

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